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Market without the Sleaze

April 19, 2022

Does marketing feel scammy to you? It doesn’t have to! Here are 3 tips to ditch marketing sleaze for ease.

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If you’re a creative who’s wondering how to market your artwork and creative biz without the sleaze, you’ve come to the right place.

Look, I know that marketing can feel totally gross as a creative. It can feel scammy, manipulative, or totally inauthentic – but friend:

Marketing doesn’t have to feel this way!

Marketing can actually feel *fun*, intentional, authentic, and dare I say – easy.

(By the way, if you’re looking for a rad tool to make marketing feel way easier in your biz, you can download my free Marketing Content Calendar here).

If this feels far from the truth for you right now, I totally hear you. Marketing used to feel overwhelming, intimidating, and gross to me, too. But now? I *love* it. 

That’s why I’m sharing three simple tips with you today so you can market *your* creative biz without the sleaze.

Let’s dive in.

Tip 1: Define Your Ideal Customer to Market without Sleaze

Marketing becomes *way* easier when you identify your ideal customer. When you get to know who you want to serve you can easily create products, content, and services that resonate with them. 

One of the best ways to get to know your ideal customer goes beyond the Pinterest Board. Get out there and talk to your ideal customers! I know this can feel intimidating at first, but when you talk to your ideal customers, you can understand their stories, their desires, and what they truly want on a deeper level.

When you understand your customers’ desires and needs, you can create products that give them exactly what they are seeking. That means you can market without sleaze because you *know* that your products are truly helping them get what they desire in their life! And that is such a gift!

It would actually be a disservice to not market your products when they could truly help people in your community.

If you want more tips on defining your ideal customer, you can check out this blog post.

photo of woman sitting by the table while writing authentic creative marketing

Tip 2: Ask, “Does this feel natural?”

I want to caveat this tip with the fact that, at first, marketing likely won’t feel “natural.” Marketing is a skill that can be strengthened over time with practice. When you are developing a skill, the beginning stage often doesn’t feel natural by any means.

That said, when you are creating marketing content, recording a podcast episode, or hopping on Instagram stories to share about your creative business, take a moment to ask, “Does this feel natural?” or in other words, “Does this feel authentic?” 

Do a quick gut check to see if what you are about to share is coming from a space of comparison and “doing it because everyone else is doing it,” or if it’s coming from an authentic space that feels aligned with your unique voice, style, and what you have to offer to make someone else’s life better.

If something feels inauthentic, reassess to ask how you can make it more genuine to who you are as a creative business owner.

This will get easier over time as you practice marketing your creative business. 

photo of woman drawing on white canvas; market without the sleaze
Photo by on

Tip 3: Practice, Practice, Practice

Which leads me to this tip: practice! The only way to make marketing feel easier, authentic, and sleaze-free is try it again and again and again. Marketing is a creative skill just like painting, photography, or drawing. The more you practice the more you learn. 

When you try different marketing techniques, strategies, and platforms check-in with yourself to notice which styles feel authentic to you. The more you practice, the more you can directly learn about the type of marketing that feels best to you. Then you can lean into the styles that feel most authentic to market with more ease (and without the sleaze). 

So, what’s one action you can take today to practice marketing your creative business? Let me know in the comments!

And if you’re looking for direct support to make marketing feel loads easier in your creative biz, sign up for a VIP Day of Voxer Coaching with me! 

In a Day of Voxer Coaching, you get me as your coach for a full day. During the day, we dive into any topic in your creative biz so you can get unstuck and move forward with more clarity and confidence.

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