You desire a life filled with freedom, adventure, and full creative expression. You’ve dreamed of starting your creative business for years, but you’re stuck in a stop-go pattern that leaves you feeling lost, confused, and straight-up overwhelmed.

let me guess

That’s where I come in.

It’s okay to feel a little (or a lot) lost when you’re starting your creative biz journey. In fact, it’s totally normal. When I started my creative biz in 2017, I was also overwhelmed - and winging it.

But I dreamed of a biz that allowed me full location, time, and financial freedom - and now? I’ve got it. Over the years, I learned how to do biz in a fun, authentic way. I took many small, consistent, aligned actions to make my dream a reality.

And now? I’m here to help you do the same. 

You are a more powerful and creative artist than you realize. And you’re already enough, exactly as you are. I’m here to help you see that, embody it, and believe it so you can own a rockin’ creative biz that makes a positive impact in your life and in this world.
I’m here to give you the road map, the tools, and the guidance to cultivate your creative dream into a thriving creative business.

Because the more rad, confident creative women and women-identified CEOs we have in this world? The better.

You ready to do this thing?

I believe in:

Creativity, authenticity, 90s music, used books, a strong cup of coffee.

I'm obsessed with:

Getting immersed in nature, Posca markers, Alexander Girard’s style, Lisa Congdon’s illustrations, 90s country.

You can find me:

Training for a half marathon, creating illustrations for clients in my studio, exploring in my Subaru camper, browsing local libraries.

Daily rituals:

Cup of coffee, meditation, journaling, running, and dance breaks.

If we were having coffee together, I'd tell ya,

Let's Work Together   

My Biz Values




Creativity Cultivates Change

I believe that creativity can change the world. I operate from the stance that creatives are essential for society to not only thrive, but continue to evolve how we shape the world into a better place. You can be a part of this creative force, by investing in the work I do for you and the work I do with you.

Authenticity brings impact

I believe that when people confidently own their unique story, skill set, and most importantly, their creativity they can operate a business that leaves a massive positive impact.

Freedom Isn't a Dream

Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life. One that brings joy - not just to you, but to the people around you. A life filled with freedom to make choices that reflect your values, freedom to try new things, freedom to explore. The vision isn’t “just beyond you.” You are the vision.

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Peanut butter pretzels

My second cup of coffee

Traction by Gino Wickman

A solid dance party



All Out 90s Playlist on Spotify

My go-to art supplies. I love how matte, flat, and vibrant these markers are. No such thing as too much color!

Posca Markers

My go-to coffee maker on the road and at home. This lil’ guy makes a strong cup of joe to fuel creativity.

Bialetti Moka Express

I built this baby out to include a kitchen, studio set-up, and cozy bed. I even lived in it full-time for a stint. It’s my favorite way to set up camp in nature.

My Subaru Camper

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It is my joy to help you make your big dream real. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Bringing Your Vision to Life!

Y’all, there’s nothing better than a group of rad artists cheering you on as you bring your dream to life. That’s what I’m here to do for you!

My Creative Community

I’m a life-long learner and love to find new, innovative ways to do business - and help my clients do the same.

Business Podcasts

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My Favorite Things

I don’t believe in boxes or rigid business ‘strategies’ because I never underestimate the power of your unique intuition and creativity.

My Promise to You:

As an award-winning contemporary working artist, coach for budding creatives, and top-ranking educator, my work is rooted in creativity as a force of nature - capable of bringing life into spaces, onto pages, and into your business. I use metaphor, color, and intuition to teach and create, with the aim to evoke joy, inspire authenticity, and foster positivity. 

I believe that everyone deserves to experience not just life, but being alive - in your work and in your world. I collaborate with brands by immersing myself in your vision, then magnifying it through my singular illustration style or my signature ‘Thrive’ coaching method. 

B.A. with Distinction in Studio Art & Art History from St. Olaf College

The Details


Recipient of National Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Award


The President's Committee on the Arts & Humanities show in Washington D.C.


New York City, Minneapolis, New Jersey, Washington D.C., & Santa Fe, NM


Taproot Mag, Food Network, Patagonia, REI & You!


Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe Community College, & Skillshare


Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Slate Art Consulting, & Creative Startups


"Liz, as a person, is creative and delightful to work with."

so they say:

-Fallon Bader
The Sprouting Kitchen

let's work together   

I can't wait to hear about your creative vision and work together to make it a reality. 

ready to bring your idea to life?

Let's Connect ↗

I’m an illustrator and educator based in North Carolina. When I started my creative biz I dreamed of time and location freedom that would not only give me a rad biz, but a life to live fully. After making my dream a reality, it’s now my mission to help you bring your unique vision to life through coaching and illustration. If you love cowboy coffee, dancing to 90s music, and believe in the infinite power of creativity, you’re in the right place.

Hey! I’m Liz.