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Are you ready to level-up your skills in the studio and in your creative business? Come learn with me in these online classes. All classes are pre-recorded so you can take them on your own schedule. Enjoy!

My classes have over 17,000 happy students and over 560,000 minutes watched! Ready to join the fun?

Whether you’re looking to sell your art with a Print on Demand company or want to learn how to make more time to make your art, you can learn it here!

How to Build Your Creative Biz

New Creative Outlets

Ready to dive into the world of traditional and digital illustration, but have no idea where to start? Start here!

What You’ll Learn Here

Boost Your Creative Confidence

Ready to cultivate a consistent creative practice and more confidence in your creative journey? You’re in the right place.

Are you looking for a more mindful relationship with your food? In this class, you’ll learn how to use illustration as a practice to cultivate a more mindful, peaceful, and joyful connection with your plate.

Daily Food Drawing Practice: 7 Daily Art Prompts


In this class, you will learn how to use line drawing to reduce a subject down to its essential components and create your own creative illustrations. This class is for beginners. No prior experience is required.

How to Draw: Learning Line

In this class, you’ll learn how to create compelling and powerful compositions in your artwork using traditional exercises.

How to Draw: Create Compelling Compositions

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In this class, you will learn how to turn your sketch into a vector image. If you are a beginner illustrator making the leap from paper to digital drawing, this class is for you! I’m sharing my favorite, simple workflow to transform your sketches into vector images with ease.

Digital Drawing: From Sketch to Vector Image

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In this class you'll learn a variety of effective time management tools to make more space in your schedule for your art, creative practice, and to build your creative business.

Make Your Art: Time Management for Creatives

Creative Business

In this class, I'll teach you how to use Instagram to share your art, grow your creative business, and build a lasting community who fully supports you and your work.

Share Your Art: Instagram for Creatives

In this class, you’ll learn how to start selling your artwork with a Print on Demand company. You’ll get a step-by-step process of how to transform your original artwork into products to sell without keeping inventory.

Ditch the Inventory: Learn How to Use Print on Demand

In this class, you will learn how to save time and energy by scheduling your creative marketing ahead of time on three different platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Mailchimp.

Automated Marketing Made Easy

Navigate the Creative Wilderness Series: Tips for Your Unique Creative Journey

In this series of classes, you'll learn actionable tips to implement on your path to cultivate more confidence in your creative intuition, overcome the fear of unknowns, build support with a creative community, stay consistent with your practice, and celebrate your successes.

Navigate the Creative Wilderness: Tips for Your Path

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In this class you’ll learn how to create your own custom fabric designs using the block printmaking process.

Beginner’s Guide to Fabric Printing


In this class you will learn the basics of block printmaking to create a set of hand-printed greeting cards!

Intro to Block Printmaking

In this class, you’ll learn multi-block and reduction printmaking techniques to create art prints in two colors. This class is for you if you have previous experience with block printmaking.

Level Up Your Printmaking Skills: Create 2-Color Art Prints

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what they said

“This is one of the best block printing classes I have ever taken! It was thorough and everything was explained SO well. Very, very good!”

- susan

“Most elaborate and easy-to-follow block printing tutorial/lesson out there! Great job!”

- zoey

“Liz is an incredibly engaging teacher that takes drawing to a whole other dimension. This class far exceeded my expectations!”

- alli

“I am an ADHD'er and a creative, oh and the amount of productivity classes I have listened to is HUGE in the pursuit of methods that STICK. None ever do. I think I may have struck gold here, your class has just hit the spot....simple, well explained, totally achievable, thank you again, and highly recommend to others!”

- kye

“This is exactly what I needed! I have had my instagram page as a portfolio for a while but I wasn't consistent with the posting and didn't know where to begin! The explanations and step by step guides were perfect to excite me to get started! Thank you so much for this!”

- leila

“One of the best personal development courses I've seen in a long time. Provoked many ideas as well as teaching me actionable advice. This course will save you years or even decades of leaving your creative self in the dark. Highly recommend to anyone with a creative interest! Thank you, Liz.”

- evan

“This is the best class I've ever found on here! I love the instructor and hope she continues to teach.”

- jojo

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I’m an illustrator and educator based in North Carolina. When I started my creative biz I dreamed of time and location freedom that would not only give me a rad biz, but a life to live fully. After making my dream a reality, it’s now my mission to help you bring your unique vision to life through coaching and illustration. If you love cowboy coffee, dancing to 90s music, and believe in the infinite power of creativity, you’re in the right place.

Hey! I’m Liz.