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Simplify Your Creative Biz Marketing Plan

January 11, 2022

Ready to make marketing easier? Get 3 tips to streamline your content.

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Are you ready for tips to simplify your creative biz marketing plan? I know that marketing your creative business can feel overwhelming, confusing, and like a downright drag.

You may feel like you don’t have any time to post because you’re spending all of your time on your products. Or you may feel the pressure to show up on social media every day, but frustrated because as soon as you get there, you have no idea what to say. Or maybe you feel like your marketing efforts aren’t reaching anybody and you’re shouting into a void.

I hear you, and I’m also here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. Marketing your creative biz can actually feel simple, fun, and easy; all while connecting with your ideal customer and making you sales.

Here are three tips to simplify your creative biz marketing plan.

Simplify your creative biz marketing plan

3 Tips to Simplify Your Creative Biz Marketing Plan

Tip 1: Clarify Your Brand’s Strategy to Plan Your Content

I know it’s tempting when you have a creative business, especially when you’re starting out, to post anything and everything that you have going on: 

  • A new art print in the shop! 
  • Coaching services! 
  • A new workshop!
  • An online class!

But posting everything you have to offer on a whim in this merry-go-round style has some mega “throwing-spaghetti-at-the-wall” vibes and is a sure recipe for burnout.

Trust me. I used to do this. Rather than being strategic and planning my marketing content ahead of time, I posted whatever I was working on that day. Rather than building anticipation for a new print in my shop, I’d just post it as soon as it was done.

To avoid this scattered, and exhausting, method of marketing, you want to get really clear on your brand’s strategy. 

I know, I know. “Brand Strategy” is a buzzword these days, and it can be really confusing as to what it actually means because there are so many versions thrown around. 

Basically, there are many ways to do brand strategy, but essentially brand strategy itself is like soil. It is the foundation from which every product, visual element, logo, and marketing tactic grows. 

So, your brand strategy is your long-term, sustainable plan to show up with consistent, clear communication that speaks directly to your ideal customer and allows you to reach your goals.

By taking 10 steps back from Instagram to take a birds’ eye view of your biz and establish your brand strategy first, you’ll have so much more clarity on what to post, how to say it, and who you are as a brand when you show up.

Tip 2: Dig Deep into Who Your Creative Biz Customers Are

Hate to break it to ya, peach, but your creative biz isn’t about you. I don’t mean that to sound harsh, but I talk to sooo many creatives (and when I started my creative biz, I did this, too) who talk about themselves the whole time they talk about their business or business idea.

Your business is about your customers. Not you. Don’t get me wrong – your passion, your art, and your reason for starting your biz are important, but you need to find the overlap between your passion and your customers’ need. 

Where can your skillset deliver the transformation your customers desire?

Hot tip: don’t make up a fake customer avatar. Get out there and talk to real, potential customers, past customers, and people who you’d like to be engaging with your business. Ask them what they truly want. Ask open-ended questions about their needs, challenges, and desires, so you can hear their story and the language that they use. 

You may be surprised by what you find out. You can use what you learn and how your customers express their needs and desires in your marketing content plan.

Tip 3: Batch Your Marketing Content

So, once you know your brand strategy and your customers better (by the way, these continue to evolve over time), you can batch. your. content.

Batching your content means that you set aside a block of time to write your content and schedule it all at once with an app like Later or Planoly

To do this, pick one or two social platforms where you want to show up (let’s say Facebook and Instagram). 

Then, block off one day a month (to start) to write out all of your content for the next month and schedule it in the app to post automatically.

Then, you’re done. You’ve spent one day of the month to schedule a full-month of drool-worthy posts that clearly show who you are, what you offer, and most importantly, how you directly serve your clients. 

I hope these tips prove helpful for you, pal!

Ready to Make Your Marketing Plan Even Simpler?

Download the free, customizable marketing content planner right here:

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