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The 1:1 Coaching Program to Bring Your Biz to Life

What's included:

• 1:1 Coaching Sessions held via Zoom
• Signature Thrive Modules to learn foundational strategies to build your biz
• Voxer support in between sessions
• Accountability and actionable steps for you to build your biz
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The Thrive Modules Include:

Module 1:
Your Biz Foundation

We can’t implement your packages, offerings, or marketing until we know what your biz is all about and why it exists! In this session, we’ll focus on establishing your brand strategy - or what I like to call your brand soil - to set you up for success down the road.

Module 2:
Mindset & Productivity

I know transforming your creative biz idea into a reality can feel *real* scary and overwhelming. In this module, we'll transform limiting mindsets and implement time management strategies so you can embrace your inner CEO.

Module 3:
Your Audience
(aka: Your Community)

In this session, we'll focus on getting to know your customers - aka: your community. What do they truly desire in their life? What are they passionate about? How can your biz speak to them and serve them on a deep level? We'll define your community together.

Module 4:
Your Products & Services

I don't want you to make the same mistake I did when I started out: trying everything under the sun without knowing my biz soil or looking to my customers first. Knowing your business purpose and your community will help you craft intentional and powerful products.

Module 5:
Marketing & Sales

Ooo this is the super exciting part! Time to get visible. I know that marketing can feel like a confusing, overwhelming, and shouting-into-the-void kinda thing. But not after all the work we've done together! We've co-created clarity for your biz which will make setting up a custom marketing plan feel true-to-you and dare I say. . . fun!

Module 6:
Branding & Launching

In this module, you'll bring your brand to life beyond just your logo and color palette so that you stand out and attract your ideal customers. You'll also learn how to create a launch strategy and make a launch plan specific to your business!

*A quick note for ya:

I do want to say that I view building a creative biz and, well, life as cyclical not linear. So while the above outline is the guideposts for our journey together, we may spend more time exploring one topic depending on your specific path.

That’s why 1:1 coaching is so rad: it’s tailored to you and *your* journey. No cookie-cutter formulas around here. 
(But definitely, definitely cookies).

I’ve got you covered. Download your free Creative Biz Launch Checklist.

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What You Can Expect From Me

A Coach Who “Gets” You

I started my creative biz back in 2017 and *dang* do I wish I had a guide back then who could share their field notes. I know transforming your creative biz idea into a reality can feel scary, overwhelming, and downright confusing. I don’t want you to be as confused as I was at the start. That’s why I’m here - to help you create a plan to get started.

Clarity, strategy, and Encouragement

I believe in you 150%. If you're here, you're committed, and I am committed to being your guide on this journey. I know starting your creative biz can feel lonely and full of fears of "messing up." That's why I'm here to walk this beginning portion of your path with you so you can have the confidence and pep (woo!) to keep moving toward your dream.

A Biz You Can't Wait to Share with the World

You have a big idea. I believe your big idea can create positive change in this world. Creatives have immense ingenuity that can provide people with new ways of seeing, being, and interacting, but they just need the skills to shift their idea into a reality. Through our work together, you'll gain the strategy, and confidence, to shout about your biz from the mountaintops.

My Promise to You:

Thrive is designed to give you the actionable steps and *plan* to bring your creative biz idea to life through a holistic, ecosystem-inspired approach that feels natural instead of rigid.

How it Works


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this is For you if:

You identify as a creative.
You desire to start a creative biz or are in the early stages of your biz.
You want to make money in your creative biz. You’re over this being a hobby and want to start generating income from your craft.
You’re ready to take action.
You desire to incorporate more freedom, spaciousness, and ease into your creative biz.
You desire to incorporate passive income streams and online products into your biz.

this is Not for you if:

You don’t identify as creative.
You’re not ready to invest in building your creative biz
You’re 5+ years into your creative business.
You’re not interested in making money from your creative practice.
You aren’t open to new ways of thinking about your creative practice, marketing your work, or additional products you could offer.
You’re not ready to show up, take action, and put in the intention to build your creative biz. I’m your biggest advocate, but you need to be invested in your vision to ultimately bring it to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

I only have the idea for my creative biz, but I haven't actually started the biz yet. Is this for me? 

Dude. This is made for you. This coaching program is specifically tailored to transform your creative biz idea into a tangible business.

Does that mean I can't work with you if I already have a creative biz? 

Not at all! If you already have a creative business, but are in the early stages, feeling totally stuck, and desire to grow or pivot your biz, this coaching program will work for you, too. 

How often are the live calls, and how are they scheduled?

There are 6 live calls and they take place every other week via Zoom. We will schedule your specific calls once you sign up for Thrive. Typically, coaching calls take place Tuesdays-Thursdays during business hours.

Will I have access to you outside of our 1:1 calls? 

Yes! During the 1:1 Coaching Program, we will connect via weekly Voxer check-ins. I'll pop in to see how your progress is coming along, and you're free to ask questions anytime. 

I'm a jeweler/ photographer/ designer /[insert other creative industry]. Is this right for me?

Yes! If you identify as a creative who works in a typical creative industry, you're in the right place. The business tactics and methodologies we go through in this program apply across creative industries so you can tweak them and use them to align with your specific creative biz.

Is the session roadmap set in stone?

Nope! Look, the coolest thing about 1:1 coaching is that it is tailored directly to you. Need more time building out your product suite than mindset work? Done. Want more time with marketing? You got it. We tailor the sessions to your needs as we go.

This is an investment. How can I know this is right for me? 

I get it! Investing in your creative biz and yourself can be scary. But investing in a 1:1 Business Coach is one of the *main* things I wish I had done before starting my creative business. After years of google and courses and membership sites, I finally invested in a high-level coach last year and was able to gain so much clarity, scale my biz, increase my revenue, and gain confidence in my path forward. I want you to have the accountability, clarity, growth, and direction that 1:1 coaching can offer!

Is there a payment plan?

You bet! You can pay in full or opt-in to a payment plan.

Get Started

No more stalling on your big idea. It’s time to take action. 

Let's Connect ↗

I’m an illustrator and educator based in North Carolina. When I started my creative biz I dreamed of time and location freedom that would not only give me a rad biz, but a life to live fully. After making my dream a reality, it’s now my mission to help you bring your unique vision to life through coaching and illustration. If you love cowboy coffee, dancing to 90s music, and believe in the infinite power of creativity, you’re in the right place.

Hey! I’m Liz.